Studying Time

As I wrote years ago, there is much work to do with this discovery. A lot of painstaking lab work as well as mathematics with physics and engineering. Most I cannot personally do currently nor spend the decades learning each discipline seriously so I would prefer to start an Institute To Study Time. I was hoping to get media exposure to talk about this stuff on air first to get a discussion going, search for funding or interested parties,academic, private, public, military, whatever.  I can’t exactly forget about it. Life’s work and all that stuff.
So here’s a few, certainly not exhaustive.

Lab Work

  • do comparative surveys of concentrations of CAMKII complex and or related kinases in other species
  • research inserting biomarkers into CAMKII complex
  • insert biomarkers, research viewing orientation of CAMKII complex in space
  • attempt to map 3-D orientation of CAMKII in the human brain via biomarkers
  • go from there


  • survey literature for substances, plants, what have you, that report anytime-based effects, document and categorize them
  • create approved protocols for consenting, fully informed human experimentation
  • engage in experiments based on culling survey results
  • attempt to grow tissue culture rich in CAMKII


  • take Dr. Ocneanu’s work and apply if possible both Base-6 and Spherical Coordinate geometry as the basis for formulating what a Node actually looks like, mathematically, to our minds. Focusing on the Spherical-based model is preferable if one has to choose either or in a funding-starved environment.


  • mapping CAMKII position relative to organism’s macro tissue structure most likely will require rapid feedback and adjustment that only AI can handle


  • create a plain language description of our Solar System and how it relates to other systems and structures based on Nodes
  • once the maths are worked out, attempt to correlate results to successfully bridge chemistry with quantum field theory, likely leading to unity, possibly something totally different than what I or the quantum scientists currently think, but something finally unifying all our hard science fields
  • attempt to map the Time environment to easily understand and communicate it’s structure, which is always moving, with others
  • apply maths model to construct a Node model that explains gravity vs mass


  • create biological structures based on work above
  • attempt to merge biological structures with whatever current data/computing technology exists at this stage
  • apply results of Gravity Node Physics to construct devices or methodologies to sense and manipulate gravity-based events
  • apply results of maths and physics models to create devices or methodologies to sense and manipulate aspects of the Time environment
  • applications of both aspects above depend upon funding, colloquially, who is paying and how much


The basis for any human or hominid behavior comes from our role as the Earth’s top predator. We are predators. Any analysis in sociology, psychology, political studies, humanities must recognize this as the primary, or base ‘zero point’ for all interactions, thoughts and behaviors especially when implementing hard laws.


  • finally create a hard-science-based understanding of the mind, understanding differences between innate behaviors and potentials versus cultural imprinting and exploration to successful diagnose and treat mind-based concerns, ailments and serious impairments and disorders and to distinguish between categories
  • engage psychologists and or other educated parties to start developing therapies and categories for the above


  • We need to start describing events and processes using the word Time to make it clear that there are many things we do that are Time-based but we do not explicit recognize as such.
  • For instance: Books. Books or writing are used to transmit information over Time. That is what they do. The death of an organism does not mean the death of the knowledge the organism has found. Future organisms can know information early in their lives to investigate and add to the knowledge over Time, augmenting and increasing knowledge and pursuits that arise from greater understanding.

The Engineering is where I really want to go. It’s a little faraway right now, but not out of reach.

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