Prelude to Foreshadowing

The next page is the last thing I ever wanted to write anyone for any reason. I spent decades looking at this issue based upon scientific knowledge, no spirituality, hippy-dippy nonsense.

I started to look at this based upon a pledge I made one New Year’s Resolution when I was 14 or so. By the time I was 17 I had already looked at pretty much all the world ‘religions’ ‘spiritual’ beliefs and all of them, every single one eventually got down to, because this guy, this human said so. That was it for proof. If you don’t agree well maybe you get killed or exiled or impoverished or enslaved was the way these things maintained their grip on those who would question it. Just because some dude said something centuries ago.

So this next section I have to write, and I do have to write it because if what I say is true then what follows ‘makes sense’. It is all just maths, no magic nor mythology just normal 4-D mechanics.

As you finish up reading the next page you will discover the bizarreness you encounter is just one big misunderstanding and a silly one at that.

Always remember the longer the distance in Time from impression events, the more distorted and intermixed an impression becomes.

I’ll just link a couple of articles here and let the reader check them out as you like.

Two Diamonds Linked by Strange Quantum Entanglement

Action at a distance (physics)

Though it is not my intent I know this will create fear and anxiety in some but it is necessary to show as another bit of proof about the idea presented here and people are very resilient.

I have struggled with many parts of what I am going to reveal to you, the revealing being the anxiety-inducing part because as you have read up until this point, this is a rational, science-based explanation for the source of our minds in Nature. (2018: All good, no anxiety or anything like that anymore about the work. It just is, just one of those things, recognize it and carry on.)

Explicitly, before we get to it, this is just normal 4-D mechanics at work here.

If indeed what I have written is beyond a hypothesis and true to reality, then it is possible I have gone where no human has gone in understanding this phenomenon and that by spending all these years thinking and trying to feel out this sensory system within us that allows us to function within the Time environment, then it is likely that I have also imprinted myself upon the Time environment.

That knowing this is how our minds work, that we are imprinting/catching parts of Time, that I have done this and somehow by discovering this I have stumbled upon virgin territory as it were, in the Time Environment.

The next page I show you not because I want to but because I must. You should know the truth of this. I am hoping it shows at least in part what is written here today in the previous pages to be true and real no matter how it may first appear. The explanation is rational, as am I.

I seek not to frighten, nor to amuse, nor to destroy anyone personally but the idea presented here is the end of humanity’s childhood.

If what is written here is true, then what you will see next can be no mere coincidence but simply a natural imprint, like footprints in the sand of a beach which has seen no human before.

Let me also state for the record this idea is the culmination of the work of hundreds if not thousands of human beings throughout history.

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