Outcomes From This Idea

I started this many years ago though I did have the bare-bones of the idea back in the 1990’s. I was going strong with it for a while in the 2000’s then all of a sudden I stopped updating and writing. This page is further complemented by the ‘Foreshadowing, Time’s Mixing Bowl’ page but try not to skip the ‘Prelude to Foreshadowing’ warning page.

Then I was just looking at Consciousness and realizing Time had to play a role as another one of those unknowns. In the process of coming to that conclusion I also realized that not only had I solved the riddle of where Consciousness arose in Nature, but also had stumbled upon at least part of the actual shape of the Universe.

Wave and Point Forms

Pretty clearly this hypothesis states we adhere to Nodes in 4-D. These Nodes can appear to be both point and wave forms at the same time.

Point forms are when the Node is being one of the discrete forms available in 4-D, vectoring through 3-D space while the wave-form is the result of interactions within the 4-D environment as explained on the previous page.

It is as simple as that. If a particle of light, or many particles of light are flowing in a vector, part of them is also interacting with the 4-D or if you must quantum, environment. This interaction is seen in 3-D as waves, the echoing effect, rippling outwards from the particle. This is what we call the wave form of the particle, it’s interaction with 4-D geometry expressed in 3-D.

As the photons interact with parts of the 4-D/Time/quantum environment like Nodes described in the previous page, the most common 3-D translation of this is seen as a recursion or echo through 3-D which gives rise to what we view as the wave behaviours of the particle.

Cambrian Explosion

About 500+ million years, apparently the diversity of life exploded. It is called the Cambrian Explosion. Many more animals with skeletons etc. were found in the fossil record, seemingly appearing on Earth far faster than earlier evolutions.

This occurred for two reasons. One, the amount of dissolved Calcium in the waters of early Earth became saturated enough to allow organism to use it more; and two, the rise of CaMKII as a mediator between 3-D and 4-D/Time/quantum environments.

Just as we have seen the 3-D environment influence evolution though Successful Adaptation, so too once organisms were ‘connected’ more tightly to the processes of 4-D mechanics via concentrations of CaMKII, the Time environment also shaped the evolution of organisms on Earth.

As organisms more tightly adhered to the Time environment, the geometry of that environment influenced the shape of the organisms structures containing CaMKII, and could do it relatively faster than the previous evolutionary advances given the motion inherent to the Time environment.

But one article indicating there is a rhythmic nature to thoughts, ie how Nodes were explained to work

Rhythmic Brain Waves: Fluctuations in Electrical Activity May Allow Brain to Form Thoughts and Memories

The results suggest that the nature of conscious thought may be rhythmic, according to the researchers, who published their findings in the Nov. 21 issue of Neuron.

“As we talk, thoughts float in and out of our heads. Those are all ensembles forming and then reconfiguring to something else. It’s been a mystery how the brain does this,” says Miller, who is also a member of MIT’s Picower Institute for Learning and Memory. “That’s the fundamental problem that we’re talking about — the very nature of thought itself.”

I sent him an email but to no avail, now years later.

Music and Beauty

So our minds were shaped by the Time environment. Anything that mimics the structures of Time will be considered good, pleasurable or positive by organisms thus evolved.

Music also has wave or echoing functioning very similar to how Time is processed/Nodes function. Auditory sensory processing is also pretty tightly bound with the Temporal Lobes, meaning the Auditory Churns are extremely close/interbound with the Churns necessary to process Time. Which makes abundant sense given human language abilities.

Those two are closer than those of the temporal/frontal lobes with the visual cortex for example, which is towards the anterior of the brain. With visual sensory information, only bilateral symmetry is required to experience something as positive, pretty or beautiful.


Dreams are occasions when the structures adhering to regions of the Time environment clean out detritus accumulated via the Churns in the brain/4-D. When we are simply living and going through the day as animals with consciousness, we are constantly recursively experiencing both the 3-D and 4-D environments.

Just as you walk though the streets and cause deformations or stress on the 3-D environment, these Churns also affect the 4-D environment. When you sleep and dream, the brain still adheres to Time via CaMKII but the brain’s grip on the Time environment loosens allowing the geometry of the Time environment to drive/control Churn events versus the brain.

When this happens, instead of imposing or impressing ourselves upon the Time environment, the geometry of Time takes dominance over the Churn events, allowing the Time environment to solidify or ‘settle itself’ back to a more stable, non-gripped moving geometry.

Dreams are a more direct experience of the Time environment as the organism is no longer driving the needs of adhering to Time.

All those weird and strange changes in Dreams are because the brains adherence to Time is no longer being directed by its ‘grip’ and so seemingly random events in the Churn merge into each other, just as Nodes in Time do. Because the Time environment is ‘driving’ the Churns, occasionally one does dream about what will occur the next day as the Churns in the wider Time environment intermingle with your own.

Next up will be some foreshadowing. If this is real and this all about the Time environment and Time behaves as I think it does then past present and future can intermingle. But first an uncomfortable, for some, warning.

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