Forward From Here

There is much to wonder about for those of you who have read to here from the start. Though some may see this as an end to their world, I see it as you should see it, a great new frontier that will only grow ever more wonderful.

Here are some positives to explore.

Describing the Universe

We can start making sense of some of the seemingly contradictory results from current physics when it comes to the structure of universe. Sure it will look like a bubble if there are Nodes everywhere where some of that event horizon could be captured by data, and string theory is pretty close.

I think the conceptual modeling problems are not thinking correctly about 4-D, just seeing it as the ability to vector, traveling through 3-D, versus an actual landscape with objects and forms and regions. Just as we have cans, or apples or carbon or rocks or whatever, there are also stable 4-D structures interacting with each other. It should be seen as the substrate of the 3-D universe we experience and attempted to be mapped out as such.

Part of the issue is some of the stuff that actually occurs in 4-D is being called other dimensions. As 3-D primary evolved organisms, we don’t get what happens in 4-D/Quantum/Sub-Physical as well as we do in 3-D and apply greater complexity to greater dimensions instead of interconnected 4-D objects/regions in constant motion.

I strongly suspect, but have not created the calculations to show this just yet, that mass and gravity require the constant motion in 4-D to exist. It may be an accumulation of Nodes getting larger and larger, in turn creating a larger overall Node is the source for the gravity we experience when a 3-D structure is planet sized. Perhaps as well a host of other difficult questions about the sub-atomic could be resolved more readily.

Even if not exactly outlined above, it will be a fruitful place to look.


Where to start. The mind is composed of churns, neurotransmitters mimic the dynamics of the 4-D landscape to function as a mind. So much can now be explained. We can separate cultural norms from biological ones.

The knowledge we can obtain moving forward will be great. Many apsects of our lives can be known and improved. But a few: Language. The tightly bound Time and Auditory nodes are a path to better understanding how linguistics work. Simply knowing the LSD-analogue secreted when babies are born is done to reset the sensory system of the baby going from one environmental norm to another as it emerges into the new world. Getting people to relax and not get ‘wound up’ by out of control churn events in their minds, going over and over again. Now you know the mind is configured to do just that, we need to ease, reset or alter it in a beneficial way to counter this and other ailments people have.

It will be enormously enlightening and uplifting.


We can put to rest chauvinism for good.

For those who need to see this: We have to be kind to all and not let the past destroy us. Everyone makes mistakes. Be good in your community, with your friends and family. Nothing has to change how you have to live, eat, sleep, work or play.


There is work to do in different fields to ensure this is true but we can start moving forward right away.

Knowing our minds are an outcome of the natural environment will bring peace to many. Being able to focus on enjoying the day, the company of your friends, the quality of your craft, the love for your children without having to worry about the truthfulness of conflicting existential questions will be a burden lifted for many.

We can all understand now that we are only creatures in this universe, shaped by the natural environment giving rise to a most wondrous gift. The ability to be aware that we are all Functions of Nature.

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